wedding photography portfolio john wellings confetti walk


Remember the photographs, not the photographer!

I often tell couples that I don’t want to be remembered on their wedding day, I want people to remember the wedding photography, but not my presence.

My ethos for wedding photography is about trying to blend in, to capture the scene and day without interfering in it, a documentary approach.

There are of course times when I take control, but I try and keep this to a minimum and allow the day, your guests and the two of you to enjoy every moment, it all goes so fast!

Every wedding is totally unique, a special collection of people that all come together to celebrate the next stage in your life.

Candid moments are what I look for, so that you and your family are able to look back on them and relive the joy of the day.

Take a look at my wedding photography portfolio below to get an idea of how I photograph weddings.

I would love to photograph your wedding day. I believe you should spend more time having fun and taking it all in than posing!