A kind of socially distanced elopement: Emily & Olly

Back again. This time for a socially distanced elopement (kinda..) for Emily and Olly.

So this wedding was originally meant to take place at Perrygrove Railway. I was super looking forward to this as I’m a secret train geek, a childhood thing…!

But, things being the way they are this year had other plans.

Emily and Olly decided to get the legal part done and dusted and so without hesitation booked up an available slot in Coleford registry office and did the thing.

Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to photograph the ceremony. So I waited outside to grab a few photos to mark the occasion properly.

Without any guests, it was down to the witnesses to handle all of the confetti duties!

I’m really looking forward to getting things back on track (Yes, I went there.) next year to photograph the whole day.

If you are planning something similar and are looking for a socially distanced elopement photographer then drop me a line and I can send you some info on the small packages I am offering at the moment!

socially distanced elopement
socially distanced elopement
bride and groom wedding photos
bride and groom wedding photogr
bride and groom wedding photosbride and groom wedding photogr
socially distanced elopement wedding

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