Wedding Photographer South Wales: Alice & Seamus

Its a pretty strange feeling to be writing this. At the time of writing we are in a lockdown! Thats not something I ever thought I’d write being a wedding photographer in South Wales!

Its actually been quite nice to look back at these images from last years diy/rustic wedding of Alice and Seamus and remember that its not going to be forever.

One of the upsides to having all weddings for the next few months postpone is that i’ve now got plenty of time to catch up with posting this up here. I’ve got a fair few weddings from last season still to post so hopefully enough to get me through!

Alice and Seamus put so much work into their day. The reception was held in the garden of Alice’s parent home. Which incidentally they were selling and so this was one of the last times they would all be together in the old family home!

They really did a great job with the decorating and details, such a great vibe to the day.

The ceremony also took place in the village church. No train of cars to get to this one, just a walk along the quiet country lane through the village and you were there, perfect!

If you are planning a wedding in South Wales and are looking for a photographer, click here to send me a message and lets chat about your day!

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